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Code of Conduct on site


Dear friends of camping,




We are determined to ensure that your stay on our campsite is pleasant. Please respect fellow campers and a few rules that help to provide a peaceful stay for all:

  • Please register with the reception at your arrival (duty of registration). This also applies to visitor who do not intend to stay over night on site. Young adults under the age of 17 have to present a written parental permission with their registration.
  • All campers and visitors pay the full amount of applicable fees at arrivals according to our then current price list. A using agreement is valid for the entire time of the paid ticket. The using agreement is strictly binding unless stated otherwise. The fees wont be refunded in case of shortened or suspended use if the facilitator is not responsible for the suspended or limited use. A cancellation of the using agreement is impossible.
  • The installation of the tents, campers and trailers is only permitted in the space designated by the facilitator. There is no right for a particular space. The use of camping equipment and attachments is limited to this space. In case of compromised or limited circumstances of this space please please report such immediately at the reception. Subjective to availability a relocation may be considered if the compromising circumstances can be acknowledged by the facilitator but to reduction or refund of the fees is possible.
  • Guests who are tenting cannot be supplied with electricity due to fire protection ordinance.
  • It is prohibited to dig ditches or to enclose the camping space. Please ensure that tent pegs, tent threads and other camping equipment are kept safe and out of way for fellow campers. Risky installations in poor visibility should be marked with highly visible signs.
  • You are expected to evict your space until 10am (Tents) and 1pm (camper vans) on your day of departure. Otherwise we will charge you for one more overnight stay. Please leave a clean space.
  • The walking and driving on all ways happens at your own risk. In winter, snow and freeze, poor weather etc. evaluate yourself whether or not the use of the ways and tracks is appropriate. The ways and tracks cannot be held snow and ice free at all times. The facilitator  does not take responsibility of clearing the ways and tracks.
  • The QUIET HOURS are compulsory from 13:00 until 14:30 o'clock and 22:00 until 6:00 o'clock. In these hours all driving is prohibited. The facilitator may block the area. The use of radio, TV, mobile music player and the like, as well as conversations may not exceed the sound level of tents. In particular maintenance works are to be avoided during the quiet hours. Ball games are generally prohibited.
  • Between 5:00 and 6:30 o'clock, and 12:00 and 13:00 o'clock (top washing building), 6:30 and 8:00, and 13:00 and 14:00 o'clock (lower washing building) the facilities are subject to cleaning procedures. Please consider the limited use of the facilities during these times in your daily routine.
  • Please be aware of the cleanliness in all areas of the campsite. Children under 5 years of age are not allowed to visit the washing facilities and toilets without supervision.
  • Washing of laundry and dishes is prohibited outside the designated areas. The cleaning of camper vans and cars in generally prohibited on site.
  • The disposal of rubbish must happen in tightly knotted bags and into designated general waste containers. It is prohibited to dispose bulky rubbish in general waste containers. Please use the designated area next to the containers for the disposal of bulky rubbish. The disposal of fridges, TVs and other electrical devices have to  be registered with the reception and is subject to payment. Compostable waste – free from general waste – may be disposed on the farming trailers. The disposal of the content of chemical toilets and supply of fresh water for mobile camper vans is permitted at the Sani-Service by the receptions in Paulsdorf and Malter.
  • Open fire is prohibited on the entirety of the campsite.
  • You may barbecue within your own camping space and a designated barbecue area onsite. Ambers and fire are to be guarded at all times.  The use of disposable barbecues is prohibited everywhere on the campsite. The person grilling is fully liable for damage related to the barbecue. The campsite facilitator may release a prohibition for grilling if the danger of forest fire is increased.
  • Children may play on the playground at the lido Paulsdorf. Parents have to supervise their children at all times. If parents breach their duty they are liable for damage caused by their children.
  • On the campsite Paulsdorf and the connected lido dogs are prohibited. On the campsite Malter dogs may be kept on a leash if the pet is neither dangerous or disturbing to fellow campers. The dog owner is liable for occurring damages related to the dog.
  • The campsite facilitator executes with staff and commissioned companies the rule of house. This allows them to refuse reception of individuals. Individuals may be sent off the campsite due to continuous disturbing behaviour or breach of the rule of house. The so addressed individual must evict the campsite immediately and may take down personal necessary camping equipment instantly. A premiss prohibition is valid for the entire season, at least for six months. Fees already paid will not be refunded.
  • The camping guest frees the campsite facilitator from demands of reimbursement related to third party campers, camping equipment, guests, vehicles etc.  Every camping guest has to entertain a general liability insurance. The campsite facilitator may request the presentation of the certificate of insurance.
  • Due to the thread for fellow campers and campsite guests only campers who do not suffer from any infectious diseases according to §3 of Federal Law on Epidemic Control. The campers promises to be free from such infections at registrations. In case this is not the fact the camper is liable for all damage caused by this infection, such as the closure of the premiss by authorities.
  • The facilitator referred to in this rule of the campsite is the Weißeritztal-Erlebnis GmbH.
  • This rule of the campsite is valid from the day of its release until further notice. It is valid for the entire areas of the campsites Paulsdorf and Malter including all buildings and facilities located within this are.

Manager Mr Klaus Kaiser and his team wish you a pleasant and replenishing stay on our campsites in Paulsdorf and Malter!

Paulsdorf, August 2010

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